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While all competitions are 100% voluntary, we strongly encourage all members to participate as it gives them the opportunity to develop sportsmanship, set realistic goals, become part of a team, make friends from other clubs and be rewarded for their success.

​Practice Competition

A practice competition is an informal event which aims to promote competition readiness in new and young members, prior to Interclub.


All participants at the Practice Competition will receive a certificate and ribbon. Girls will compete with the peers from their class. Judging and presentation will occur immediately after each section.


Date: Friday, 30th August 2021

Time: 6:00pm start

Location: St Marys Memorial Hall

Admission: Gold Coin Donation

​Interclub Competition

At an Interclub, girls are judged individually and compete in Heats with other girls of their age and grade from each of the two or three clubs.


The Interclub is an excellent practice for the Heats competitions in September as it provides girls and ladies with the opportunity to compete with members from other clubs.


Places are awarded on the day. Stay tuned to find out the details of our Interclub in 2021.


Date:  To be advised.

Time: To be advised.

Location: To be advised.

Admission: To be advised.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Heats and Teams

Your age group will determine what day you have to attend to compete in your appropriate heat and/or teams competition. Heats and Teams for each age group are held on the same day.

Heats Competition is where every girl competes for themselves in their respective age group/grade, for a place in the Grand Final.
Teams Competition is where each club can enter a group of girls (of the same age) to compete against other clubs. Placings are awarded on the day. Teams are open to girls aged 7 and up.


Location: To be advised.

Dates (please contact us for times):

September, 2021

Admission: To be advised.


​​​​​​​​​​​​Grand Final


Grand Finalists are selected from each age group's respective Champion Girl (Heats) Competition (5 years and up). The Grand Final is the biggest competition and is the culmination of all the girls' and ladies' hard work throughout the year. 

Even if you have not made it in to Grand Final, you are more than welcome to purchase a ticket, come along and support your club!

Date: Saturday, 6th November 2021

Time: Grand Finalists will be advised of arrival times on their invitation.

Location: Evan Theatre, Penrith Panthers

Admission: To be advised.

Club Competition

Club Competitions are the most informal competitions of the year. Competitors at Club Competitions are from that particular club only.

Each girl has a chance to showcase their work from the year for family and friends to come along and watch during this fun-filled day.

Fundraisers are also held at Club Competitions, such as a sausage sizzle and raffles. All proceeds from admission and fundraisers go directly into the club to fund for the following year.


Date: Sunday, 21st November 2021

Time: To be advised.

Location: To be advised.

Admission: To be advised.


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