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Our Club

Erskine Park Physical Culture and Dance celebrated 13 years in 2022 since opening in 2010. Our number of club members has been progressively increasing over the past few years. We started off in 2010 with just 13 members, and have grown to over 90 members at present. Our goal is to instil our love for Physie into our girls/ladies while we strive to help our members do the best that they can. Our general class size is approximately 8-12 girls/ladies. We endeavour to keep class sizes in this size frame by splitting overly large classes to ensure girls get appropriate attention from our teachers.

In 2022, our club saw many achievements, such as 1st Place in the 7-8s Teams competition, 2nd Place in the Ladies Teams competition and 4th place in Teenagers. Individually, our members did fantastically, resulting in 32 of our members competing in the WZ Grand Final for 2022. Twenty one of our members received places in their section at this prestigious competition, including 1st place in the 5 years, 7-8s C, 7-8s B, 9-12s C, Ladies Open 2 and Ladies A Grade sections. One of our junior members, 8 year old Elizabeth Gil, was awarded the Overall C&B Champion.


A lot of time and dedication goes in to ensuring the club runs smoothly and that our members have the best time possible at classes and competitions.

We are the Erskine Park All Stars!


Did you know...

Our club is not for profit, which means all of our teachers and helpers are volunteers! All funds raised by the club go directly back to creating a meaningful Physie experience for it's members.

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