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2022 Results
2022 Grand Finalists

Charlize A. (5 years) - 3rd Place

Crystal A. (5 years) - 1ST PLACE

Isabella W. (5 years) - 4th Place

Mia Z. (5 years)

Florence P. (6 years)

Elizabeth G. (7-8 C) - 1ST PLACE & 


Alyce Z. (7-8 C) - 2nd Place

Isabella R. (7-8 B) - 1ST PLACE

Sylvanas W. (7-8 B)

Amalia G. (9-10 C) - 1ST PLACE

Isabella G. (9-10 B)

Alecia N. (11-12 B) - 3rd Place

Alexandra W. (11-12 B)

Sienna C. (13-14 B) - Dance Award

Aliyah M. (13-14 B) - 4th Place &
Dance Award

Talisha B. (13-17 C) - 2nd Place

Marina M. (15-17 A)

Alexa P. (15-17 A)

Kim L. (Seniors Open) - 4th Place

Nicole S. (Seniors Adv) - 4th Place

Debbie F. (Ladies C)

Justine B. (Ladies O1) - 3rd Place

Christina F. (Ladies O1)

Carolyn T. (Ladies O1) - 2nd Place

Jennie W. (Ladies O2) - 1ST PLACE

Melissa A. (Ladies A) - 4th Place

Cassandra A. (Ladies A) - 2nd Place

Tonita B. (Ladies A)

Kelly G. (Ladies A) - 1ST PLACE

Sarah S. (Ladies A) - 3rd Place

Christie A. (Ladies Adv)

Hayley C. (Ladies Adv) - 2nd Place

7-8s Team.jpg
Zone Marching Champions


Charlize A. (5 years)

Crystal A. (5 years)

Florence P. (6 years)

Elizabeth G. (7-8s)

Isabella R. (7-8s)

Amalia G. (9-10s)

Talisha B. (13-14s)

Aliyah M. (13-14s)

Angelique C. (Seniors)

Nicole S. (Seniors)

Melissa A. (Ladies)

Cassandra A. (Ladies)

Justine B. (Ladies)

Tonita B. (Ladies)

2022 Teams Competition


7-8s Team - 1ST PLACE

9-12s Lilac - a wonderful performance

9-12s Silver - a wonderful performance

Teenagers Lilac - a wonderful performance

Teenagers Silver - 4th Place

Seniors - a wonderful performance

Ladies Lilac - a wonderful performance

Ladies Silver - 2nd Place

Marching 7-8s.jpg
9-10 Marching.jpg
Marching Ladies.jpg
Seniors Marching.jpg
Teens Marching.jpg
5-6s Marching.jpg
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