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What is Physie?

What is Physie?

Physical Culture, or "physie" is a uniquely Australian dance sport which combines a range of movement forms and dance styles including yoga, basic ballet, aerobics, gymnastics and pilates.


Physie is made up of marching and several routines that are choreographed to modern music according to age and ability. In 2024 we are enjoying songs from popular artists such as Jessica Mauboy, Taylor Swift, Sia, Lady Gaga, P!NK, Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Meghan Trainor!

Routines are taught over a season running from February - November, culminating with both individual and team-based competitions at the end of the year. The United Physical Culture style shares in the traditional Physie style, with an emphasis on precision, positions, with a modern flare including dance.


Intro: Intro is a warm up, which prepares the muscles and mind for the rest of the syllabus. Intro is a fun routine involving basic leg work and controlled dance positions.

Relax: involves soft, emotive movements, and is performed to a slower, calmer song. Relax can be compared to basic ballet and contemporary dancing.

Exercise: is a strong, aerobic exercise. Movements are quick and sharp, and performed to a song with a strong beat.

Floor Work: as the name suggests, is predominately completed on the floor, similar to that of a gymnastics floor routine. Floor drill movements are usually sharp, and require core strength. The splits is choreographed into each age group's floor drill, except Ladies (25 yrs+).


Rhythm (Ladies only): Rhythm is a new routine, unique to United Physie. Rhythm movements are loose and soft, but performed to a stronger, more dramatic beat when compared with a traditional Relax.


Dance (excluding Ladies): is a fun routine, similar to that of a jazz dance. The dance is fast-paced and encourages individuality and energy. This routine is judged separately to the rest of the syllabus.

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