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Frequently Asked Questions


I missed the registration day. Am I still able to join?

Definitely. As long as you have registered by Term 2, our dedicated teachers will be more than willing to take some extra time to ensure you are all caught up by competitions!


My daughter is 6, turning 7 this year. Will she be in the 5-6 or 7-8 years age group?


Your daughter might be in either age group depending on when her birthday is. At Western Zone, ages are taken as of the 1st of September that year. This is so each girl is the same age at competition time (Zone competitions start in September). If your daughter turns 7 before the 1st of September, she will be in the 7-8 years age group. If she turns 7 on or after the 1st of September, she will remain in the 6 years age group for that year.


I am not very flexible. Will I still be able to do physie?


Absolutely. One of the great benefits of physie at Western Zone is that the syllabus is adaptable to all ability and fitness levels. Our teachers make it one of their priorities to assist girls/ladies in increasing their flexibility in class time to enhance their physie standard. We will also provide you with stretches in class time that you can take home with you to practice yourself. We run a special Stretch & Technique course that runs all through Term 2. The cost of the class is $50 for the term long course (attendance must be in addition to regular timetabled classes) and runs every Tuesday for one hour. This class is run by our 3 highly qualified teachers, including our Head Instructress, Kim, who has a Bachelor degree in Health Science (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education).



Is physie very expensive?

Compared to other dance schools, Physie is a relatively affordable sport to participate in. The costs involved for the year are the annual registration fee, term class fees, and competiton attire. See our Classes page for the breakdown of the costs involved.


Is competing compulsory?

Competing in competitions throughout the year is voluntary, but it is strongly encouraged at our club as it promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and confidence. The majority of club members (around 98%) do participate in both Club and Zone competitions. Classes are structured around the competitive aspect of physie, in that routines are taught and perfected for these events at the end of the year. The decision to compete does not have to be made right away. Consult your teacher regarding your readiness for competitions.


I have never done physie before. Will I be competing against experienced members?

At United Physie, there is a unique grading system for experienced members to compete separately to new and novice members. The grading structure for United Physie will be finalised early in the year once registration numbers have been entered for each age group.


How much do competitions cost?

The cost of participating in competitions (or displays for 3-4 year olds) is covered in the annual registration fee. The only financial expectation for competitions is that the member has purchased the Zone leotard, a pair of shimmers, and silver ballet shoes (see Competitions page for costs). Our club also keeps the cost of teams hair styles to a bare minimum (usually zero cost!). Spectators are charged a fee to watch all competitions.

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