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Another successful Stretch & Technique!

2016 was the third year of our Stretch & Technique course, which runs weekly on a Tuesday for an hour. The course is optional, and open to girls aged 7 and up, and some selected 5-6 year olds.

Each week, we have a different class focus ranging from legs and body work, to syllabus execution and competition etiquette. The participants are also split into three graded stretch groups, in which they have the opportunity to progress throughout the term. This allows teachers to tailor stretches to the needs of the group, and ensures these stretches are appropriate their flexibility level.

Our presentation for this year was held on Tuesday, 28th June, 2016. In a cohort that started with only three members in the gold stretch group, concluded with 7 girls achieving the highest level.

Congratulations to our Teacher's Commendation award recipient for this year, Simonne. The award is presented to a student who takes what they learn in Stretch & Technique, and applies it to their syllabus in their weekly Monday class.

The course will continue in 2017 as the girls now move to competition focus classes.

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