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Dress Code


We have developed our class dress code to ensure our members have affordable and suitable options to wear for class, while showing pride in the club they attend. The aim of having a club dress code is to make sure that your outfit shows the outline of your body so your teacher can correct your positions and technique. 

Club Apparel


Club apparel is a optional, fun way to show pride for your club, and to ensure you have something appropriate to wear to class. We have changed apparel providers to streamline the designs of our apparel and to ensure it is readily available at a consistent price.


Orders for apparel are usually taken at the end of Term 1.

Click on the image to the right for designs.


Garment options:


Club Jacket: $72.00

Button-up Shirt: $47.00

Racerback Singlet: $30.00

Tights: currently unavailable

Bike Shorts: currently unavailable

Sports Bag: $33.00

Tote Bag: $20.00

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