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Physie classes at Erskine Park are fun and organised, and focus on flexibility, technique, strength and syllabus execution. All classes are based on preparing girls for competitions which begin in August.


At a usual class, you can expect to start the lesson with some basic stretches to help improve your flexibility, as well as some strength exercises for your core and extremities.


After the stretch session, you will practice your marching to warm up your legs and feet. Your teacher will help you to practice correct marching technique and musicality.


After marching, girls and ladies will come into lines to learn some new syllabus, or revise what you already know. Your teacher will help you correct your positions, timing and transitions to ensure you are constantly improving.


We ask that all members come to class with a positive attitude, ready to learn and put in 100% effort at all times.


If you have an injury, we encourage you to come to class anyway so that you can watch what is being taught, and film any new choreography so that you don't fall behind.

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